Linda Honey…

Linda, Linda honey listen- call it what you will, ADHD, stubborness, high expectations, maybe perhaps a case of the “Screw it’s!”.

Arguing point and case is like throwing darts at pillows, unless the material is porus and firm it will not stick. No way, no chance… Unless your 4 yrs old and cute! 

As a wife I can merely devote a whole 5 minutes to my husband’s on going debate about career changes and the future effects it will ripple onto our family,  yet a run in with an argumentive child can captivate my time like a chocolate covered strawberry.

The little hand motions tell me of future sales he will one day succeed. At least he can nap after debating. I on the other hand dream of a nap inbetween words spoken.

Explain this lack of interest. Fear to face reality or burnt from holding the 50 strings that keep our homelife floating like a bunch of happy birthday balloons.
I fiddle with the papermate pen in front of me, teeter foot to foot, debate back and forth with questions and concerns, and am addressed each time with”Babe, Babe listen”.

I certainly should have been named Linda. I mean really, Mom and Babe sound so dull after hearing this cute little boy say “Linda, honey listen”. 

At least he has an interesting argumentive point. His argument certainly doesn’t have to sleep next to me tonight and accompany me for the next 25 years.